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1 to 1 Programmes

I offer a number of distinct programmes designed to span a 12-week period, starting at a price of £299.
Each programme caters to varying levels of support, tailored to address the severity of your symptoms and align with your desired goals.
By selecting the program that best suits your needs, you can make significant progress in your journey towards wellness.

Essential Nutrition Package

Kickstart your path to better health with this personalised programme. Designed to equip you with essential tools and knowledge, this package provides a strong foundation for your wellness goals.

Enhance Nutrition Package

Take your health goals to the next level with our enhanced support programme. With a higher level of guidance and accountability, this package offers the resources and strategies necessary to propel you towards success.

Optimal Nutrition Package

For those seeking a comprehensive and transformative experience, our optimal programme is the ultimate solution. With a commitment to your growth, this package offers hands-on support, accountability, and guidance, ensuring you achieve remarkable results every step of the way.

Self Directed Learning

Break free from sugar addiction and transform your health with our programme: “How to Quit Sugar and Improve Your Health.” Through six weekly e-books, gain insights, strategies, and techniques to overcome cravings. Accompanied by six weekly recipe plans, meal ideas, and shopping lists, you’ll have everything you need for a sugar-free lifestyle. Take control of your well-being today!

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