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Optimal Nutrition

Introducing the Optimal Nutrition Package, over 12 weeks, meticulously designed with weekly consultations and premium support to revolutionise your relationship with food and pave the way for exceptional well-being. For individuals dedicated to achieving the pinnacle of good nutrition, this programme offers a comprehensive and transformative experience like no other. With an unwavering commitment to your growth, this package provides unparalleled support, accountability, and expert guidance, ensuring you achieve remarkable results on your path to optimal health.

Programme includes

12-week programme
1×90 min initial consultation either face to face or zoom
Creation of a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan adapted to your ongoing needs
1×15 min call post receipt of plan with any questions if required
11 x 45 min follow up consultations face to face or online
Email and messaging support in clinic hours
In depth health & lifestyle assessment
Analysis of food diary
Creation of a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan which is adapted to your ongoing needs
Recipe and weekly meal planning, shopping list creation
Exercise and movement review
Supplement plan targeted to your health if required
Guide on shopping list
Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation if applicable
Review of any current blood results
GP referral where needed
Recommendations on functional and DNA testing if required
Personal health coaching support to implement new habits
Discount on supplements ordered
Option to join my facebook community
Further follow up consultations can be purchased

Available testing
Functional and DNA testing can be carried out at private laboratories to assess nutritional imbalances and inform personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to support your wellbeing. These options and costs are additional to the programmes and can be discussed during your consultations where we can explore specific testing tailored to your needs.
Functional testing
Some examples include FBC (Full Blood Count), vitamins & minerals, full thyroid panels, hormones testing, adrenal stress test, homocysteine, cholesterol and further heart health markers, bone turnover test, Omega 3 V 6, Liver & Kidney function, HbA1c and fasting insulin.
Comprehensive stool analysis
Your gut microbiome’s health directly correlates to your overall health. A healthy gut can positively impact your immune system, hormones, brain health, mood, heart health and digestion. With a simple stool test, we could understand your digestive and absorption functions, gut bacteria markers and any underlying parasitic infections that could be causing you to feel unwell.
Thyroid testing
The thyroid is a butterfly gland located at the base of your neck. It produces hormones which in turn control many processes within your body. One in twenty people has a thyroid disorder, which can be hard to identify from a basic GP test. Our comprehensive test will show levels of TSH, T4, T3 and thyroid antibodies and highlight any deficiencies in the nutrients that support a healthy thyroid, such as Vitamin B12, folate, iron and Vitamin D.
Food intolerance test
Food allergy and food intolerance/sensitivity are often used interchangeably, causing confusion. However, they all refer to abnormal reactions to certain foods, which can manifest in various ways. Allergies involve an IgE-mediated response, resulting in immediate-onset symptoms like rashes, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and anaphylactic shock. These foods should be avoided for life. On the other hand, food intolerance tests determine IgG-mediated responses, causing delayed-onset symptoms such as anxiety, IBS, headaches, fatigue, and joint pain. Eliminating the offending food temporarily and gradually reintroducing it can help manage symptoms. The food print test, a finger-prick blood sample, tailors 120+ foods to specific diets (vegetarian, vegan, or omnivore).
DUTCH test
The DUTCH (urine) is the most advanced hormone test, offering an extensive profile of sex and adrenal hormones, along with their metabolites, to identify symptoms of any hormonal imbalances.
DNA testing

Variations in our DNA are what makes us unique and can have a significant impact on our health. Key reports such as hormones, detoxification and methylation will help you to learn how your genetics and the environment can influence how your body functions. This offers you a truly personalised approach and many times I see these tests can throw up the missing piece of the jigsaw in a person’s health. I work closely with Lifecode Gx® on DNA testing.

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